Santa Clara Resident Pleads Guilty to Threatening Senator Leland Yee (CA Penal Code 422)

Santa Clara Resident Pleads Guilty to Threatening Senator Leland Yee (CA Penal Code 422)

Rabin Nabizadeh
October 24, 2013

45-year-old engineer (name withheld for privacy) Santa Clara has pled guilty to at least 7 felony & 3 misdemeanor charges levied against him after having send a threatening e-mail to state Senator Leland Yee.  The controversy began due to Senator Yee’s arguments to increase regulatory restrictions on such weapons as semiautomatic rifles.  He began sending the e-mails in January of this year; they were overtly violent, telling Yee that he ought to “watch [his] back.”

He went so far as to write to Yee. “I have 39 confirmed kills in Afghanistan. Don’t make me get to 40,” even though there is no evidence that hehas ever been a member of the armed services.

When authorities searched his home, they found materials suitable for creating bombs, counterfeit military identification cards, and other suspicious items.  He has, among other things, been accused of possession of bomb-making materials (CA Penal Code 12303), forgery (CA Penal Code 470), possession of an assault weapon (CA Penal Code 30600) and criminal threats (CA Penal Code 422). If convicted of a federal crime, he could be looking at a lengthy sentence for each of the 7 felony counts against him and hefty fines.


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