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Windsor Couple Charged with Possession with Intent to Sell Marijuana (CA Health and Safety Code 11358, 11359, 11364)

Rabin Nabizadeh
September 6, 2014

What are CA penalties for marijuana possession?

Aunt Charged in Mission Street Hit-and-Run Case (CA Vehicle Code 20002)

Rabin Nabizadeh
August 20, 2014

What are the penalties for felony hit-and-run in California?

Mother Arrested in Rohnert Park for Child Endangerment by Leaving Children in Car (CA Penal Code 273(a))

Rabin Nabizadeh
July 1, 2014

Is child endangerment a misdemeanor or felony charge in California?

Woman Charged with Felony Child Endangerment and Vehicular Manslaughter in Death of Daughter (CA Penal Code 273(a) and 192(c))

Rabin Nabizadeh
March 20, 2014

What are the penalties for child endangerment in California?

Concord Resident Charged with Involuntary Manslaughter (CA Penal Code 192(b))

Rabin Nabizadeh
August 26, 2013

How does California prosecute charges of involuntary manslaughter?