Possession of Illegal Weapons (CA Penal Code 30600)

Possession of Illegal Weapons (CA Penal Code 30600)

Rabin Nabizadeh
March 23, 2015

It seemed like an unusual alliance, San Francisco pot clubs and local law enforcement working together?  Yet, this type of cooperation is something that seems as if it will be indicative of the future of the Bay area.  Every so often, police in S.F. host a gun buyback.  This offers an opportunity for individuals who are in possession of illegal or banned weapons, like assault rifles, to receive anywhere from $100 to $200 for turning these guns in.  Who funded the enterprise this year?  It was several different S.F. pot clubs, making it clear that they are an integral and positive part of their communities.  Police were happy to have them on board and deemed the event, which was in the Western Addition, a success.  Over 90 guns were taken off of the streets in one Saturday and pot clubs paid for all of them.

Gun violence remains an issue in the Bay area and laws relating to gun violence have become stricter over the years.   California law dictates that all state gun sales go through an authorized dealer, and that the person buying them is subjected to a background check.  California has also banned most assault weapons and any .50 caliber rifles, deeming them too dangerous to be on the streets (CA Penal Code 30600) which prohibits selling, manufacturing, or possessing these types of guns without a permit.  If an individual is found guilty of a violation of CA PC 30600, they may be subject to up to 3 years in county jail (if it is prosecuted as a felony) or as little as 1 year in county (if prosecuted as a misdemeanor).

Generally, gun buyback programs are accepted as a positive step in controlling gun violence in the city and the most recent one is no exception.  In fact, it has been reported that the involvement of local pot clubs has provided law enforcement with much needed financial support for their endeavors, while, at the same time, alerting citizens to the fact that pot clubs are not the source of violence, but are, in fact, working against it.


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