Boy Kills Neo-Nazi Father is Sentenced to 10 Years for Second-Degree Murder (CA Penal Code 187(b))

Boy Kills Neo-Nazi Father is Sentenced to 10 Years for Second-Degree Murder (CA Penal Code 187(b))

Rabin Nabizadeh
October 24, 2013

A young Riverside boy, aged 10 years at the time, shot his Neo-Nazi father (32-year-old name withheld for privacy), regional leader of a National Socialist Movement as he slept off a night of drinking.  By all accounts, the boy had been mentally and emotionally terrorized for much of his young life and was afraid that he would have to live with his abusive father after an impending divorce from his stepmother.  The child has been convicted of second-degree murder (CA Penal Code 187(b)) and sentenced to 10 years in the California Division of Juvenile Justice system and he will serve out his time in a state facility for juveniles.

The issue is that, though the boy committed a serious crime, and has a history of violent behavior in school (especially toward women teachers), he is not equipped to be incarcerated in a state facility of the kind he will be sent to, where he will be in the company of extremely brutal fellow offenders.  Additionally, if the boy had been tried as an adult, he would have most likely received 40 years to life.  As it stands, he will be eligible for parole in the 7th year of his term in jail.  It is also problematic that the child will not have access to proper educational facilities, as there is no middle school on the premises of the institution where he will be jailed (the Juvenile Justice O.H. Close Detention Center).

He has issues that the state admits they do not have the ability to provide accommodations for, like that of his need for intensive psychotherapy and continuation of psychotropic medications.  If the juvenile system is truly committed to rehabilitation in the case of young offenders, then there should be options for this  boy, who will be the youngest in the detention center at age 13.


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