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With over 120 years of cumulative and exclusive Criminal Defense experience, our reputation for aggressive and results-oriented performance, whether in state court or Federal Court, has been documented by several Bay Area news channels and vetted by hundreds of satisfied clients. Our success and industry recognition is the result of our EXCLUSIVE FOCUS on criminal defense; we don’t accept personal injury or family law cases. This single-minded focus allows us to keep pace with the ever-changing landscape of legal doctrine and provide you with the best results possible.


Our team of attorneys understands the legal theory and, more importantly, we understand the criminal justice system tasked with carrying out this theory. However, no single attorney knows every part of the law. Often, an attorney will benefit from the perspective of fresh eyes or the wealth of prior experience or motions bank used by other attorneys. Our ability to rely on each other’s prior criminal defense experience, knowledge, and prior success allows us to quickly assert your rights and assess the various legal and factual issues of YOUR unique case. This TEAM APPROACH allows us to depend on each other’s unique and diverse experiences to build a practical, effective, and result-oriented defense strategy. Our ability to tap into the wealth of knowledge of two former District Attorneys, a police officer, or the 120 years of cumulative experience in criminal court will translate to better results for you and your family.


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Even though the chaos of COVID-19, Summit Defense came to my rescue. They aren’t just compassionate..they are empathetic to your personal situation which made the process of explaining my issue extremely smooth. If you want the best of the beat, and you need a criminal lawyer in Oakland CA, then these are the lawyers you want on your side. Their strategy covers even the small details that would otherwise be overlooked, and go above and beyond for their clients! Thank you!!
Mary M.
What a relief it has been to find Summit Defense. After weeks of phone consultations and disappointing experiences with other attorneys, I was referred to and eventually chose Summit Defense to represent me. They were there for me from beginning to end and always followed up on any concerns and requests. I highly recommend this firm and I’m thankful for the pride in their work!
Juliana M.
San Francisco
I was so grateful for Summit Defense's extraordinary work. Even during this hard time of Covid-19, that I knew court may not be opened, Rabin still managed to work on my case, got me a hearing date and got my case solved at the best result I can wish for. Please do yourself a favor, go to the best - Summit Defense so you can be sure your case will be taken care and you will get the best result possible
San Jose

Results Matter

Because Your Life & Reputation Matter The Most
Multiple Victim Child Molestation
Charges Dismissed
After multiple successful motions, the District Attorney opted to dismiss charges against our client.  The client was facing life in Prison.
Felony Domestic Violence & Probation Violation
Case Dismissed
After several written motions, attorneys Collin Moore and Jim Riley were able to limit the testimony of complaining witness prompting the District Attorney to dismiss the case
Charges Dismissed
Client charged with DUI after failing a roadside sobriety test.
Despite the DA’s argument that there was probable cause for the traffic stop, the Judge agreed with Collin’s argument that there was no probable cause in this case.
The evidence against the client was suppressed, and the charge against him was dismissed.



Our firm focuses exclusively on criminal defense matters.

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