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Los Angeles County Contests Relocation Release of Repeat San Francisco Sex Offender

Rabin Nabizadeh
July 9, 2013

62-year-old Christopher Evans Hubbert, a serial rapist, has recently been released from the custody of the state prison hospital at Atascadero.  He had been in prison for a period of 7 years, after which he was paroled.  Hubbert then moved to the Sunnyvale area where he got up to his old tricks again.  He averaged […]

Richmond High School Gang Rape Draws Attention (CA Penal Code §261)

Rabin Nabizadeh
June 3, 2013

It sounds like the beginning of a 1970s horror flick based on a Stephen King novel. A 16-year-old girl leaves the safety of the crowd at an innocent Homecoming dance and ends up incoherently drunk and crumpled under a picnic table, dress askew and a trail of grisly pieces of evidence – a high-heeled shoe, […]