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What happens if you violate your own restraining order in California?

Rabin Nabizadeh
March 14, 2022
Violating a restraining order is a severe criminal offense in California. The punishment laid for this violation involves years of imprisonment and thousands of penalty fines. Furthermore, a violating defendant may also lose their gun possession rights, child custody rights, and spousal rights. In addition, the defendant in question may also lose rights over some [...]

How to Check If My California Drivers License Is Suspended?

Rabin Nabizadeh
February 9, 2022
It's hard to tell if your CA driver's license is suspended or not. You can't just ask the DMV because they won't be able to give you an answer unless you have a court order, and even then, this might take weeks. If you don't want to wait for weeks until your suspended license is [...]

Catch a Fire – Arson and Resistance to Gentrification in Oakland (CA Penal Code 451 & 452)

Rabin Nabizadeh
July 7, 2017

On July 7, 2017, a fire tore through the Alta-Waverly building, a seven-story, mixed-use building under construction in downtown Oakland. The heat from the fire was so intense, it was picked up on local weather radar and there was significant concern that an industrial crane, which was being used during the construction, might collapse onto […]

ICE Arrests at Courthouses

Rabin Nabizadeh
May 11, 2017

ICE has been making immigration arrests in the hallways of state courthouses recently.  ICE had previously discontinued this tactic after getting bad press about arresting women applying for restraining orders, people paying traffic tickets, and even immigrants trying to get married in Kern County. The practice has resumed, at least in Los Angeles and other parts of the country. […]

Alameda County Court still Struggling With Computer System

Rabin Nabizadeh
February 10, 2017

Alameda County Court still Struggling with Computer System It has now been over six months since the Odyssey computer system was implemented in Alameda County.  Over the last six months there have been reports of inmates staying in jail pass their sentence, individuals arrested for probation violations  that had been recalled and a host of other […]

DA Office Found Arrest Disparities in Santa Clara County

Rabin Nabizadeh
October 28, 2016

The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office found disparities in the percentages of Latino and Black individuals charged with misdemeanors and felonies. These findings confirm anecdotal impressions and data from the San Jose police department. Disparities were found across all charges beginning with the following points of encounter: car stops, 911 calls, in person street encounters, […]

East Palo Alto Landlord Arrested for Vandalism (CA Penal Code 594) and Dissuading a Witness (CA Penal Code 136.1)

Rabin Nabizadeh
October 27, 2016

An East Palo Alto landlord was arrested for vandalism (CA Penal Code 594) on October 21, after the Office of the District Attorney for the county of Santa Clara issued warrants stemming from his alleged destruction of tenant’s property in order to intimidate them and cause them to leave the premises.  It is alleged that […]

California Laws 2016 -Prosecutorial misconduct (withholding evidence)

Rabin Nabizadeh
March 25, 2016

Prosecution withholding of evidence penalties

California Laws 2016 – Immigration Consequences (CA Penal Code 1016.2 and 1016.3)

Rabin Nabizadeh
March 18, 2016

Immigration law

California Laws 2016 – Photographing and video recording cops in public (Penal Code 69 and 148)

Rabin Nabizadeh
January 17, 2016

Can I be arrested for recording a police officer in public?