Traffic Offenses Lawyers

Last Modified: August 24, 2022

Traffic Offenses Lawyers

For some, a traffic offense is annoying and inconvenient. For others, it may mean damage to a driving record, increased insurance premiums, or loss of a driver’s license. And in the worst-case situations, involving impaired driving or a hit-and-run that results in someone being injured or killed, there can be prison time and restitution.

For any traffic offense – simple or serious – you must have an experienced defense lawyer in your corner.

You Could Lose Your License, Your Freedom, Your Future

Convictions for traffic offenses can have serious, life-altering consequences.

You can lose your mobility, which will have immediate and lasting repercussions. How will you get to and from work? How will you get your kids to school and their many activities? What if you care for aging parents who count on you to run their errands, pick up their medications, and drive them to medical and other appointments? Most of us depend on our cars, and the loss of a driver’s license is no small matter.

A conviction can also be expensive. Having even a minor traffic offense on your driving record can lead to sky-high future insurance rates. If you’ve had multiple traffic offenses or a very serious single offense, it could even mean you can’t get car insurance or the cost will be so high you’ll never be able to afford it.

There is also the possibility that, if convicted, you’ll face a lengthy prison sentence. This is particularly true if someone was injured or killed as a result of your actions. The courts take a particularly harsh view of impaired driving, and many prosecutors seek the maximum sentence in these cases. Even if you manage to avoid serious prison time, you will now have a criminal record – and that can severely limit your ability to find future employment, among other things.

Complex Cases Involving Scientific Evidence, Expert Opinions

Traffic offenses can result in complex investigations that rely on scientific evidence and the judgment of experts. There is also a real possibility of errors on the part of the police, investigators, crime scene investigators, and others. A roadside breathalyzer might give a false-positive reading, for example, or a mistake could be made during a blood draw that contaminates the sample. Witness memories might be hazy or influenced by law enforcement.

Any one of these factors could mean facing charges where the evidence is questionable or flawed. And only an experienced defense attorney can pinpoint exactly where law enforcement’s case may have gone wrong and use that to protect your rights.

Experience Counts When Your Future is on the Line

Your first call when facing any kind of traffic offense should be to an experienced defense lawyer. At Summit Defense, we have handled many of these cases, and our experience speaks for itself.

Our defense attorneys are tenacious advocates for their clients, protecting their rights during every step of traffic offense investigations and prosecutions. We are known across the Bay Area for our legal skills and professionalism, and have the respect of law enforcement, prosecutors, court officials and judges.

We know the law and the legal system. One of our lawyers is a former police officer, and three are former district attorneys. We understand how traffic offenses are investigated, what factors affect whether charges are brought, and how prosecutors approach and try their cases.

We also have the technical experience to deal with any evidence the police and prosecutors bring forward. This includes our own scientific experts and witnesses who can ensure the conclusions being drawn by the other side are based on valid science and analysis.

With so much at stake from a traffic offense, you can’t afford to choose just any law firm or defense lawyer. You need someone who has seen every kind of case in this area and can put on a vigorous defense.

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