DUI Lawyers California – Investigation and Evaluation

Last Modified: August 10, 2023

DUI Lawyers California – Investigation and Evaluation

  • Checklist of important facts and legal issues
  • Your initial interview
  • What the attorney will educate you about
  • Your attorney’s evaluation of your case
  • What does the prosecution think of its case?
  • Information your attorney will try to obtain
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When faced with the legal ramifications of a DUI, one of the first things you want to know is how your attorney will investigate your case and develop a strategy for your defense. We realize how nerve-racking this situation can be, so one of our top goals is to make you feel comfortable throughout the process.  Remember – whether or not you “feel” guilty, you are only guilty in the eyes of the law if proven so.

First, we start off with a detailed checklist of important facts and legal issues. This includes investigations into the nature of your driving before the stop. We help determine why the officer stopped you, what kind of traffic violations were issued, and more. As DUI lawyers, California laws allow us to then look at a variety of issues that may have caused nervousness or panic that contributed to your arrest.

  • Did you have an underlying medical condition that prevented you from performing the field sobriety test properly?
  • Was there proper lighting at the location you were stopped?

We also investigate whether or not you were told you were free to leave; the answer to which can offer valuable insight into crafting a solid defense. Furthermore, did anyone witness the stop? You cannot be convicted if the state cannot prove you were driving.

We even go so far as to investigate if you had trouble getting out the car. Did your foot inadvertently catch onto something while exiting the vehicle that may give the incorrect appearance of intoxication? We also dive deeper and even try to assess any inappropriate things the officer may have said during the process. As successful DUI lawyers, California law gives us many options to fight on your behalf.

It’s also important to look at the arrest itself. For example, when did the arrest occur? Was it before any chemical or field sobriety tests were administered? If so, this could help your case. In contrast, did the arrest occur hours after the stop? If the answer is yes, there may be an issue with your blood alcohol level changing during this time. If it changes, we may be able to prove you were innocent at the time of the stop.

Our checklist of things are so detailed that we also investigate which chemical tests were performed, whether or not you were handcuffed, if your car was searched, and host of other issues. Essentially, the more we know about the arrest, the better chance we have of crafting a solid defense.

For DUI lawyers, California cases can be tricky, which is why we also require your participation in an interview. We want to ensure no stone is unturned. We’ll learn the chronology of events that occurred before, during, and after the traffic stop. We also look at your past criminal records, if any, as well as any statements or admission you made to police during the arrest process. This will go a long way in helping us fight on your behalf.

In some instances, we particularly focus on your health at the time of the arrest. If, for instance, you have an inner ear problem, this may throw off the field sobriety test. If you were taking any other medications, this may denigrate the importance of the chemical tests that read your blood alcohol level. Your recent sleep patterns, diet, heartburn issues, diabetes, and more also play a role in proving your innocence.

Essentially, our checklist of things to investigate is long and exhaustive. Each one may trigger a defense that may maintain your innocence. We are as thorough in our investigation as any other DUI lawyers. California is full of various choices for legal counsel, but you can count on us for high quality legal representation.


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